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One Week After the Move...

This post was originally written in August of 2016.

Well... here we are. It's been a week since my send-off, and already I can feel things are changing. The girl who started out as an optimistic go-getter has already turned into a ball of stress. The girl who thought she could handle heat has been sweating through her clothes. I've wished for a bigger purse and a lighter purse simultaneously. I've already woken up with a hangover from hell, and my butt already hurts from seeing all these walk-up apartments. Even now, just after the first move, I'm already smarter than I was before.

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Taking a Plunge

Here I sit, slightly drunk off margaritas and watching The Man from Uncle for the umpteenth time, reading too many blog posts and ruminating on what my life has been like these past few months. Since graduation, I've done exactly what I always told myself I would never do: I moved back in with my family to hunt for a job. (Granted, I told myself that I wasn't really "moved back in" if I never unpacked my suitcases, so I never did. I've been wearing and washing the same bathing suits and denim shorts over and over again.)

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