Taking a Plunge

Here I sit, slightly drunk off margaritas and watching The Man from Uncle for the umpteenth time, reading too many blog posts and ruminating on what my life has been like these past few months. Since graduation, I've done exactly what I always told myself I would never do: I moved back in with my family to hunt for a job. (Granted, I told myself that I wasn't really "moved back in" if I never unpacked my suitcases, so I never did. I've been wearing and washing the same bathing suits and denim shorts over and over again.)

Here's the newest news: at the end of this week, I will be on a plane to New York City, towing only two bags full of interview attire and a pair of Adidas Superstars. As I write, my current living situation is falling through the cracks. I have no job. I don't quite know how I'm still breathing, but I think I'm just so nervous that I've decided to ignore all of my emotions and keep plowing on. Healthy, isn't it?

Welp, I'm proper freaked out. Everyone's been telling me to keep a journal, so I've gone and bought myself one that looks super innocuous. The last time I had a real journal, my brother broke into it. (It was a terrible situation, but honestly what do you expect when you keep a diary that's covered in sparkles with a cheap, useless lock?)

I've got my business clothes. I have my contact list. I have my brother on speed dial. I have as much tea as can possibly fit in a suitcase. I have hope and enthusiasm and so much nervous energy that I think I might explode.

So here I go. I'm taking a plunge here–a giant one. Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, snow in winter...all that stuff. Let's hope it pays off.